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Anti-Spam Policy

VIETNIX has a zero-tolerance policy towards the use of its network or services in any manner associated with the transmission, distribution, or delivery of any bulk email, including unsolicited bulk or unsolicited commercial email. Or any sending, assisting, or commissioning the transmission of the CAN-SPAM Act.

1. What is Spam?

To fully explain the concept of SPAM, a host of information needs to be taken into consideration and depending on the object of the question. At Vietnix, we define SPAM as any emails sent without the consent of the recipient. In order not to be considered SPAM, you need to strictly comply with Spamhaus policies, i.e., the email should contain the recipient name, or even the recipient has consented with the emails, there should be working methods in each email that allows the recipient to remove himself/herself from the mailing list.

If you are using our email marketing services, please read carefully the following contents in “CAN-SPAM” and the Government’s decree No.90/2008/NĐ-CP about anti-spam.

As a service provider, Vietnix always addresses ourselves on creating a good email etiquette, abiding by anti-spam policies issued by the international community and the Government. There is zero tolerance for any violations against our Anti-spam Policy.

  • Do not use email lists that are purchased, rented, leased, or in any way bought from a third party.
  • Do not use harvested email lists from publicly available online data.
  • Do not use built-in fields in the subscription forms.
  • Do not send emails that are not relevant to your mailing lists.
  • Do not add email addresses to mailing lists without explicit permission.
  • Do not send emails to unsubscribed email addresses.
  • Do not utilize any list older than 06 months without reconfirming the recipients’ subscriptions.
  • Do not use emails with deceptive contents, containing false or misleading information.

2. For Email Recipients, ISPs, and Blacklist administrators

VIETNIX strictly prohibits using our email marketing services for SPAM purposes. If you are intent on using email lists without recipients’ permission or not complying with Spamhaus policies, you shall opt for another provider as Vietnix will suspend your sending, cancel your account without informing, and decline any refund.

ISP and Blacklist administrators may contact us at or 1800 1093 to repost any suspected spam. Please forward the complete email in question, including headers. Furthermore, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

3. What you can do

  • Send a regular newsletter to opt-in subscribers.
  • Send information to the recipient that has specifically requested from you or your organization.

4. Policy enforcement

Vietnix adopts our Anti-Spam policy very strictly, including the following measures:

  • We monitor how our IP addresses are used to send emails. When we receive complaints about spam from third parties or international anti-spam organizations, we shall notify customers for proper resolution.
  • In case any customer uses Vietnix’s services for spam purposes, we will immediately cancel the account.
  • Every email, whether text or HTML, is required to include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. This link is unremovable.

5. Email sending management

Complaints Handling Procedure

Vietnix adopts a strict Anti-Spam Policy. Your account will be terminated as soon as we detect any spamming activities. We define spam as emails sent to people with no existing business relationship with you or who have never subscribed (opt-in) from you. Vietnix email marketing service provides businesses and organizations with email lists of opt-in verified email addresses. We only provide our services to those who comply with our Ant-Spam Policy.

In case Vietnix receive any complaints from your email recipients, we will determine whether you have violated our Anti-Spam Policy by:

  • Handle incorrect complaints.
  • There are possibilities that the recipients forgot having subscribed to your emails. For this reason, we shall contact you for reconfirmation. If we receive a complaint from a subscriber who already has this log and the email sent to them contains the content they have subscribed to, we will notify the recipient of the date and computer on which they subscribed, along with an unsubscribe link. In this situation, Vietnix will inform you of what we have done, and may suggest a change in your notifications when someone subscribes to your mailing list.
  • If the complainant did not subscribe through your website (e.g., you imported them from files into the system), we may contact you to consider the complaints. If your emails are detected as spam, we will immediately deactivate your email sending ability, and verify you via email and/or phone number. If we can confirm the recipients have subscribed opt-in, we will activate your email sending. 

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