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Terms Of Service

If customers use Vietnix’s services, please read carefully and fully agree to our terms of service to have the best experience.

1. Responsibilities of Customers

1.1 Customers are responsible before the law for all data when using server system infrastructure (SSI) rental services at Vietnix. Make sure that this data does not contain malware and comply with the laws of industrial property rights, copyright, national secrets, security, and culture. Do not use the services provided by Vietnix for the purposes of hacking, destructive attacks (DDoS), fraud, Spam Mail (Spam Email in this case is according to the regulation of Decree No. 90/ 2008/ND-CP or any document that replaces Decree No. 90/2008/ND-CP in the future). If customers violate this term, customers will be solely responsible before the law without involving us.

1.2 Customers need to keep identification, password or other information related to the service account or customer management account securely. In case of detecting unauthorized access to your account or security loopholes such as loss, theft or disclosure of password and other information, please notify us immediately. 

1.3 Customers are responsible for self-preservation of data and source code on Vietnix’s servers. We do not accept any responsibility in any case related to user’s data.

1.4 The customers are responsible for keeping the remote access right granted by Vietnix confidentially, and at the same time, the customers must be responsible before the law if customers intentionally allow the remote access right to be taken advantage of by a third party to perform illegal actions.

1.5 The customers are responsible for signing the acceptance record or memorandum when we complete the work in the appendix attached to the service cooperation contract. Within 05 (five) working days from the acceptance record date of issue, if the customers do not confirm the acceptance, the contract appendix will be automatically accepted.

1.6 Notify us of the change of name, company address, billing address, account number, service suspension period (if any) at least 15 (fifteen) working days in advance .

1.7 The customers commit to properly performing the rights and obligations signed in the service contract and the attached appendices.

1.8 Customers have the right to suspend using our services if we breach the contract.

2. Responsibilities of Vietnix

2.1 Provide services in accordance with the content agreed in the Service Cooperation Contract and the attached Contract Addendum (if there is a change in the service fee, we will notify and redo the new Appendix). Commitment to service quality in accordance with the parameters shown in the contract appendix and regulations on service quality standards.

2.2 Keep customer information and customer data confidential. The information is not allowed to be provided to any third party unless requested by the competent authorities or approved by the customers.

2.3 Resolve customer complaints about service quality within Vietnix’s responsibility within 24 hours after receiving the complaint.

2.4 Not responsible for indemnifying customers’ data stored at Vietnix in the following cases: The customer loses his/her own data, and is intentionally sabotaged by a third party but the customer cannot prevent this problem, or the system is interrupted and errors due to force majeure events.

2.5 Have the right to unilaterally suspend the performance of the service cooperation contract if the customer violates the terms of service, the terms committed in the Contract and the attached Appendix. (The suspension period will end when the customer has finished remedying the violation and will not be included in the service term of the contract and the attached Appendix).

2.5 Technical Support:

VIETNIX Solutions and Technology Joint Stock Company:

2.6 We commit to refunding 100% of the contract value (excluding fees incurred during the transaction) if the commitment is not fulfilled.

2.7 Notify customers by email or in writing if there is any change in service or service maintenance.

2.8 Any error, delay, interruption or loss of connection occurs due to Vietnix equipment or system other than the deduction of rental fee during the service interruption according to the table below, Vietnix will not be responsible for compensation of any other damages. Unless Vietnix has its own compensation and support policy for customers.

CategoriesDiscount policy
UPS and power conditions, air conditioners, network equipment, infrastructureTotal interruption time in a month ≥ 24 hours. For every 04 hours of interruption, 01 day of the next month’s charge will be deducted
Internet access errorTotal interruption time in a month ≥ 24 hours. For every 8 hours of interruption, 1 day of the next month’s charge will be deducted

3. Payment regulations

3.1 Customers using Vietnix’s services are responsible for paying in full and on time the fees shown in the contract.

3.2 Before 7 days from the day of each payment or service extension, Vietnix will send a notice of cost to the customer in writing or email. Customers are obliged to pay Vietnix within 07 working days from the date the customer initiates the service or renews the service. Vietnix will provide an invoice to the customer immediately after receiving the payment confirmation or amount paid from the customer.

3.3 If the customer violates the payment terms resulting in the cancellation of the service invoice, the customer will be subject to a penalty fee of up to 5% (five percent) of the total invoice value. The penalty fee will be paid to Vietnix within 07 (seven) working days at the latest.

3.4 During the specified time to renew the service, if the customer does not pay, the service will be suspended and withdrawn according to regulations after 3-7 days .

3.5 Vietnix will not be responsible for any consequences or damages arising from the customer’s failure to fully comply with this payment provision.

3.6 Payment method:

When registering for services at Vietnix, customers can pay in the following forms:

  • Online Payment via ATM
  • Payment via Bank Transfer
    • Account name: Cong Ty Co Phan va Giai Phap Cong Nghe Vietnix
    • Account number: 0071000760599
    • Bank: Vietcombank – Quang Trung Transaction Office, HCMC
  • Direct Payment at Vietnix’s Office
    • Address: 647 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 11, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

4. Suspension and termination of service use

4.1 The service provided by Vietnix will be automatically terminated/suspended according to the agreement of the two parties or until the expiration of the service cooperation contract.

4.2 Vietnix has the right to suspend the performance of the contract or unilaterally terminate the service contract in the following cases:

  • Customers violate the provisions of the Terms of Service while using our products and services.
  • The customer did not cooperate and did not respond to coordinate additional required documents.
  • Customers do not renew and pay overdue service fees to Vietnix within 15 days from the time of service expiration.

4.3 Before terminating the service, customers are responsible for moving all data stored on Vietnix’s servers by themselves. We will not transfer your data to another provider. If you do not move website or server data out of our systems prior to termination of service, these data will be deleted (after 5 days) and we will not be able to provide a backup for these data.

4.4 For Trial or Free services, as soon as the service terminates, all these products and associated services and data (if any) will be destroyed or withdrawn. .

4.5 If either party breaches the cooperation contract where the service is related to the investment in equipment or fixed assets, the violating Party must compensate the other party for a reasonable cost incurred by the affected party. proposed violation but not exceeding 8% (eight percent) of the Contract value.

4.6 The sums specified in this Term shall be paid to the Requesting Party within 07 working days from the date of the written request by that Party.

5. Customer Support

5.1 Vietnix quickly supports customers through a variety of channels such as phone, livechat, fanpage, ticket, Telegram.

5.2 For cases that need the accuracy, confidentiality of customer information and can take longer to process, we request to send support via ticket at the customer relationship management (CRM) at https://portal.vietnix. vn/submitticket.php or email

6. Confidentiality of customer information

Vietnix respects privacy and strictly manages customer information. We will collect and use customer information in accordance with the Privacy Policy stated here: Privacy Policy

7. Force majeure

7.1 If any event such as natural disaster, plague, flood, fire, earthquake, strike, State intervention or any other event occurs beyond the control of any party and unforeseeable, the Party affected by the force majeure event shall be suspended from performing its obligations under this contract, provided that such affected Party has taken all necessary measures to prevent, limit or remedy the consequences of that event.

7.2 The party affected by the force majeure event is obliged to notify the other party as soon as possible. In case a force majeure event occurs, the parties are exempt from liability for damages.

7.3 If the force majeure event does not end within 30 (thirty) working days or a longer period and continues to affect the performance of the Service Cooperation Contract, either party has the right to file terminate the Contract and notify the other party in writing within 10 (ten) working days from the intended date of termination.

Terms of service will be changed and updated from time to time to suit the types of service. Customers are responsible to regularly monitor email or this term to ensure compliance with the terms regulated.

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