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Refund Policy

1. Overview

Services purchased from Vietnix may be refunded within 30 days of the date of activation (not including the trial period).

Vietnix’s Refund Policy is applied to all refund eligible services provided by Vietnix (apart from special non-refundable services: Domain, SSL, License).

  • For Hosting, VPS: Full refund within 07 days of the date of service registration. If canceled any time after, customers will get a refund with a deduction for the days of using the services.
  • For Server, Colocation Services: Prorated refund with a deduction for the days customers have used the services.
  • For Promotions:
    • No refunds available: No refunds after 07 days as stated above.
    • If a refund is available: The refund shall be calculated as follows: Total Transaction Amount – Cost Used (original price without discounts / cycle of service * the number of days covered by the service) = Refund.

2. Refund Conditions

2.1. Vietnix’s customer can only refund 01 time. For any second refund request from the same account or customer information, Vietnix has the right to decline. (Customer identity is defined in terms of their ID card, domain name, registered number, or tax code).

2.2. Vietnix’s Refund Policy applies to all refund eligible services (except for non-refundable services: Domain, SSL, License, and Promotions).

2.3. If technical issues arise while using Vietnix’s services (apart from Domain, SSL, License Services), or if our services do not live up to the expectations shown in the pricing list, Vietnix shall consider a refund based on the remaining period of the service plan.

2.4. Vietnix retains the right to decline the refund request if the customers violate Vietnix’s Terms of Use in part 1 about Regulations on using services with issues not arising from Vietnix, or conflict with Section 2.3 in Part 2. Refund Conditions. No refunds are available if:

  • Customers wish to downgrade or change the services plan on Vietnixt. The prorated fee will not be refunded and will be accumulated in the service.
  • Customers violate international laws and substantive laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam by our Terms. Vietnix will block the services, and no refunds are allowed.

3. How to request a refund

If the customers are not satisfied with the committed technical requirements, please submit a detailed refund request (via phone, chat, email, ticket) to Vietnix Tech Support, Sales, or Accounting Team. The information then will be passed to Sales Department to proceed with the refund process.

The more detailed the information is, the better Vietnix can facilitate customers in handling the refund requests.

If customers have any questions about our Refund Policy or encounter any difficulties using our services, please contact our dedicated support team, who are always on hand 24/7 to assist you.

4. Refund processing time

Vietnix will handle refund requests within office hours on the nearest next working day.

The time it takes to process a refund request depends on the payment method that the customer used.

5. Updates to our Refund Policy

Vietnix retains the right to change or update the above policy to ensure the benefits of customers and the service provider (Vietnix) in service provision and distribution processes.

This Content was last updated at 10:00 AM – June 22, 2021.