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Report Abuse

Vietnix always wants to bring a safe and nice Internet environment to users. Therefore, if you discover that someone is violating our terms of service or using our service for fraudulent purposes, please notify us immediately by sending an email to

In the email content, please provide sufficient information to prove the abuse. We only handle abuse reports when we have determined that any information you provide is accurate.

Process for handling abuse:

Step 1: Within 24 hours of receiving the abuse report, we will respond to the user to confirm that we have received the abuse report.

Step 2: We will review the content of the abuse report, and check the accuracy of the report. If there is any unclear information, we will respond to the person who reported abuse to discuss further.

Step 3: After checking the information, if the violations in the report are correct. We will contact the service owner to ask them to take down and handle violations. If the service owner objects to these reports of abuse, we will mediate between the two parties, and we will make the most appropriate decision on a case-by-case basis.

Step 4: After handling violations, we will respond to the person who reported the abuse.

Step 5: Store the file so that it can be used for future searches.

This content was last updated at 10 AM – June 22, 2021